Monday, June 13, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: X-Men: First Class (Please Leave Comments!!!)

Movie Length- 132 Mins. Rating- PG-13

This epic prequel set in the '60's for our Mutated heroes has delivered in story to keep you interested, major action, sticking close to the story (Kindof...LOL!) and even sex appeal for female characters for the female characters. The movie starts with Little Charles Xavier meeting a young Mystique. As they become friends with an obvious connection in being different they become young scholars together. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is the young man that has everything that a guy could ask for going for him and with his Psychic abilities he has even more. The exact opposite and troubled past of Erik Lehnsherr AKA Magneto (Michael Fassbender) is the epitome of a rough childhood. Survivor of the Holocaust and tortured upbringing Erik sets out to get the soldiers that stole everything from him with extreme prejudice. He is the perfect assassin with his developing abilities. As a mission with Charles and Raven (Mystique- Jennifer Lawrence) gets out of hand when coming against other mutants for the 1st time. Charles, Erik and Raven realize that they are on similar paths. After a quick recruiting of other young mutants with mediocre powers they are off to put a stop to a powerful enemy...Sebastian Shaw. Shaw (Kevin Bacon) is a ruthless A-Hole and even that is an understatement. I cant really say too much with out ruining the good parts of the film. However, Here is a pros and cons short list.

Cons- The other mutants on the X-Men squad kinda had some weak powers so the training montage portion of the movie wasn't an instant mindblow! (i.e. any Rocky movie!) Also, I felt like we could've had some more recognizable characters for those that are X-Heads!

Pros- ACTION! More violence than some of the other X-Men movies. (If you subtract any scene that included Wolverine!) It was good on story that made time fly and watching how Magneto and Charles develop their powers and what caused the "Divide" in their once friendship was great as well! Oh yea and Wolverines 10 second cameo was the best cameo of all time! Excuse me Arnold in The Expendable but Imma let you finish but....WOLVERINE HAD THE BEST CAMEO OF ALL TIME! LMAO!

My Rating- I give this movie a "I should've bought more popcorn because now my bucket is empty but I wouldn't dare miss a second of this" A for everything! Kudos to Director Matthew Vaughn and all the cast!

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  1. I've heard a lot of negative stuff about this but only from people who know anything about X-Men.