Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: The Hangover II (Please Leave Comments!!!)

Movie time: 102 Mins. Movie rating: R

The sequel of the biggest comedy movie ever has finally arrived! Many questions have come up about this sequel that has already SHATTERED open weekends for a comedy in a Box Office.... Is it funny? Is it as good as the 1st movie? Will that naked Asian guy be in this one!?!

Well, in one simple answer.... YES!!! It has the comedy as the first one and all your favorite drunken fools have returned and added a monkey! This isn't a Curious George Monkey either! This is a Rockin vest wearin, cigarette smoking, awesome tiny chimp!
So...back to the point. The story revolves around Stu (Ed Helms) is set to marry his fiance (Jamie Chung) in her native Thailand. To take to his Father In-Laws wishes the wedding is set to be a traditional wedding on the coast of a foreign country. Stu, who decides to have the lamest bachelor party ever (after previous events) tells his friends Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Doug (Justin Bartha) that he would like to take it easy. As the story continues the friends are forced to bring Alan (Zach Galifinakis) and they are off to Thailand! After just one beer the "Wolf Pack" (sans Doug) once again are without recall of the previous night and the Father of the Brides pride and joy....Teddy. The guys have lost Stu brother and law to be and the wedding starts soon! With the craziest most ridiculous sh** you could get caught up in Bangkok they dont disappoint. You have surprise tattoos, fights, Mr. Chow's return, a smoking monkey, and wayyy more in a city that make the illegal stuff in Las Vegas look like childs play. (No pun intended) I laughed throughout this movie and enjoyed it.

Even though one would argue how it stands up to the original... The original is pretty close to perfection! I loved the mystery, how it developed and even the step up in vulgarity! I give this movie an A in the Comedy category! I'm so buying this DVD ASAP!!! I'm actually glad to pay $7 for popcorn for this film!

My Rating- A

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  1. I thought it was pretty good. The 1st one was funny as hell and this one was almost as good. I would give it a B in the comedy category myself.