Monday, March 14, 2011


Run Time: 116 Minutes and Rating PG-13

This Sci-Fi Action thriller directed by Jonathan Liebesman stars Aaron Eckhart (Dark Knight-Harvey Dent, Two-Face) as Staff Sgt Michael Nantz. The Staff Sgt. has a dark past and is getting out of his prime in the Marines Corp in LA. As he has decided to make this group of trainees his last class he is assigned to report to Santa Monica with a group of Marines in response to the meteors that have been landing at the beach. As they report for briefing this amazing movies goes right into the action developing with news reporters being blown away on CNN to the Marines being rushed into a Helicopter to get into the fight! The troops and Staff Sgt. are to be led by a Wet behind the ears 2nd Lt Martinez (Ramon Rodriguez-The wimpy roommate from Transformers 2). With the Staff Sgt.’s dark past and a fresh out of school 2nd Lt. it looks bleak for the Marines!

The movie then goes into an out of control rescue mission against an unknown enemy. An enemy that seems unbeatable the Marines still stand strong as the numbers and back up begin to dwindle. I must say this movie was so freaking amazing in the action bracket that I couldn’t stop eating my popcorn (the whole bucket)!!!! It was like watching a movie where they combined EPIC video games! It was like Call of Duty, Halo, and a Marines Commercial all had a love child! I loved every moment of the moment and was totally worth the anticipation built from the commercials. I even eavesdropped on a few people that were in the same theatre after the film. As we all give our own personal mini-reviews after movies outside; all of us loved the movie! It was what a lot of recent alien movies failed to do lately and that is keep me on the edge of my seat and end with a good ending making me wish the was a part 2 to be released tomorrow! (I'm talking to YOU the movie Skyline!) Anyways the character building was great the action was even better! Special mention to Ne-Yo and Michelle Rodriguez for their roles in the film!

If you are looking for a Action filled movie with hardcore Marines against extraterrestrial life! This is your film! If you ever wondered what Independence Day would have been like if fought on the ground? This is your film! If you’ve ever played a game and yelled "HEADSHOT!!!" while owning an alien! Yup this is for you! If you just want some action in your night for the price of your ticket….go see it!
I give this film a rating of “That was awesome! Wanna see it again tomorrow!?!” Simply for entertainment! The are no scientific breakthroughs from Stephen Hawking on it and other BS that make you think about your unfinished laundry back home! Its something cool to look at and the fact that other movie critics like Ebert will probably hate it should make you run out to see it even faster!!!



  1. I loved this movie it was AMAZING!!!!

  2. Im going to see this movie this weekend, you're movie reviews are always spot on. I'll let u know how I liked it.

  3. "It was like Call of Duty, Halo, and a Marines Commercial all had a love child"! Hells yeah Imma definitely gonna watch this one man! Can't wait for the download to become available!

  4. I hate movies.

  5. I love the way Sheri and I are Anonymous (im so glad that was spelled out for me!!)

  6. Thank you for the comments peoples!

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