Thursday, January 13, 2011

DVD Rental Review(Dec.2010-2011n Bulk)

Predators (2010)- C; Adrien Brody; Lawrence Fishburne almost ruined that movie. Its not his fault it was the writting but the action was.....mmmm...ok I guess. The ending was mega-lame and I was unfulfilled. NEXT!!!

Despicable Me(2010)- A+; Steve Carrell, Jason Segel in an animated story of one the worlds greatest thieves who has a new nemesis and needs the help off three cute little girls to complete his mission. Funny all the way through, great story and even some touching kiddie movie moments that touch your heart like when the Grinch grew a heart.

A-Team (2010)B-; Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Quenton "Rampage" Jackson, Sharlto Copley (District 9); The movie did great in action without a doubt! Con- No real "A-Team Montage" and half the movie B.A. is on a "non-violence vow". Whoever had this idea should be clubbed! Still enjoyed when a plan comes together tho!

The Town (2010) A+; Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm; The story of the bank robbing, Boston "Tony go get the cah" guys! Horrible description for such a great film. I think this is Afflecks best work to be honest. I thought the writing was brilliant and screenplay as well. I thought Ben's work with the Direction was great! It was like Set It Off meets The Departed meets amazement. (My opinion) The bank scenes were great! The connection between the friends felt genuine and I was totally hypnotized by the flow of the film. Blake Lively also did a great job in her breakout role into a real script! Kudos Blake! I loved the movie and will be watching it again tonight! :)

Salt(2010) A+ Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber; This film about a CIA Agent on the run that was rumored to originally be played by Tom Cruise was amazing. Its been a long time since I've seen so much action and plot twists and turns that I enjoyed so much! Regardless the fact that Ms. Jolie is a woman the action was great and she did her own stunts. As a matter of fact the fact that she is a woman makes it 100% better. She kicked mondo (Yea...I said mondo) ASS in this movie. Rent it..BUY IT! LOVE IT! I salute Ms. Jolie and welcome back to the top!

Knight and Day (2010) D+; Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz; This movie is about a lady on her way to her sisters wedding when she encounters or forced to encounter a Special Agent that is in the middle of a inner agency turmoil. The movie had it cute funny moments in a chick flick kinda way but the action was basic with a ton of bad CGI Tom Cruises flying around. That needed some work. Pro- Cute litte love story develops between the two and seeing Diaz in a red bikini. Con- Most of the funny moments was in the trailer and it was highly predictable. Should have went with Salt Tom!!!

Easy A (2010) Emma Stone C+; Emma Stone is sometimes hot and sometimes NOT! This is one where she is perfect for the role and hot in it. Good story, funny moments in a "10 Things I Hate About You" kinda way. I enjoyed the connection between the book and her current life. Olive (Stone) had the coolest parents of all time and those were my favorite scenes in the movie! This is also known to me as what should be Amanda Bynes LAST movie. I used to like her and think she was great but GOOD GOD! I'm glad you retired..or whatever! What happened to you!?....Yo ass used to be beautiful. (Sam L. Jackson; Jackie Brown)

Step Up 3D- Adam Sevani, Twitch (2010) D+; This movie had some decent dance moves and the normal lets put everything on this on final dance ending as usual. They got people to pretty much look exactly like the ones from part 2 and created a BS story and milked the hype leftover from part 2 and added 3D like "Yea! Now its better!" I say no! The film was lacking any kindof real hype moment and the dances scenes that were supposed to be random events happening i.e. the water flood in the 2nd or 3rd to last battle was a lame and already used idea in the previous film. I also was disappointed because Alyson Stoner (the little white girl from all the Missy Elliot videos that can dance) really didnt dance in the movie! Not to spoil to much but the "surprise" at the end was just an add on attempt to salvage what was left of the movie. The only thing that is 3D in THIS movie is the rating!

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