Monday, November 15, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: Skyline (Leave Comments!!!)

Great action and suspense to keep you intrigued? Check! B & C List actors with roles you have no idea why they were picked? Check! Skyline move tag was "Dont look up" I actually think it was more like "Dont look outside" The story is with Jarrod (Eric Balfour and his amazing tatted sleeve by Kat Von D. LOL!) and Elaine (Scottie Thompson) going out to LA to visit his childhood friend Terry (Donald Faison). Terry has made a name for himself and has cash in stacks with Ferrari and penthouse suite in LA, hot blonde girlfiend (Brittany Daniel). So after the big party the action starts with the "Blue Lights" coming to Earth. I cant give away anything but the intensity was great after the action started. However the plot was a little thin. With so many angles that couldve been extended from Terry character, to Jarrod's different reaction to the alien takeover. This movie is a mix of Independence Day and District 9 if you blended them together with no top on a blender and didnt explain why anything happened. I am definitely not a fan of the ending with all the build up and left feeling empty as the credits rolled with a comic cartoon ending. This is why the whole theater was still in their sets cracking their teeth as we contemplated if they liked it or loved it. I loved the intensity and the idea of how the aliens were doing Recon and all. Just felt left with nothing at the end. Like a buzzkill almost!

I give it a 2.5 and see it in a early Matinee! Rent actually is def your best bet!!!

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