Monday, August 30, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: The Last Exorcism (Leave Comments!!!!)

This installment of the Exorcism Franchise was directed by Daniel Stamm on his first big box office film. This is about a now skeptical Evangelistic minister Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) that basically is filmed "Documentary" style in his quest to prove that Exorcisms are a hoax. He gets a letter from a family that is requesting an exorcism and he barely reads it and is like..."Guess we going to the Sweetzer Farm!" Anyways the Sweetzer family is having a serious issue with daughter Nell. She is the one in control by the demon and her egghead, crazy, too many sips of water from the dirty well father and brother arent helping. Minister Cotton is doing is run through of a typical but FAKE exorcism and is brought to a harsh reality that this girl is the real thing! Nell (Ashley Bell) starts bugging out and some random possessed actions occur! The cat scene was great and her getting beat down to a flute soundtrack behind a closed door was epically hilarious! However I must say even though Ashley Bell did alot of her own body bending stunts and the jump scares were decent, hell even the tension was decent. The ending epically pooped on your expectations for fullfilment. The crowd literally went from Yesss to Noooo!!!!

I give this movie One epic beatdown with a flute behind closed doors! In other words it sucked! Can you say wait until it comes on the FX channel on TV. Creative ideas but I am by no means excited to see it again.


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  2. LMAO @ too many sips of water from the dirty well. Nice review