Friday, April 9, 2010


I watched this comedy about a week ago starring John Cusack (Adam), Craig Robinson (Nick), Clark Duke (Jacob), and Rob Corddry (Lou). In this file three former best friends are reunited by a trip to a resort from their past after Lou has a close encounter and almost dies. They take a trip to make Lou feel better but the resort they once held in high regard is now a rundown, dry-rotted nightmare. Adam brings his nephew that lives with him by the name of Jacob (Duke) that the guys have no respect for. with the guys After they realize that the days spent there are going to be horrible the doors open and the Hot Tub is there. So begins the party of beer and foreign energy drinks and random flashes of celebrity cameos. After they awaken they are sent back to the 80's when they were teenagers and have to relive an important day in their past. The story has a few moments of funny especially when they realize that they can do what they once didnt have the guts to do before. Not to mention the fact that they know what gonna happen in sports causes some wild terms of the bet moments. I must admit the scene with the betting on the football game was one of my favorite scenes not even counting the fact that the guy that plays Rick betting against Lou is William Zabka (the blonde asshole guy from almost every 80's movie- Karate Kid)! So the movie is mostly based around Lou getting harrassed by the sled patrol that once kicked his ass and he has to relive it. The friend make a pact to never let that happen again to him as they relive their memories together. Jacob is left with dealing with trying to get them back to the present while all the others are focused on reliving that day and doing it EXACTLY like it happened in the past to not cause a Butterfly effect.

I give this movie a Rent or Redbox it for a good laugh!
Stars- Comedy Movie- 3.5 out of 5

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