Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: She's Outta My League (leave comments!)

If you are looking for some laughs with some romance...Then this is the romantic comedy I suggest this whether you are on a date or in a group of friends! The cast is great! No big names in the film but carried well. The lead role of Kirk (Jay Baruchel) is a guy that works for TSA airport security and helps a pretty young lady (Alice Eve) running late to her flight get through security without further delay from his friends that also work there tying to get just one more glimpse of her beauty. Anyways shes in such a rush that she leaves her phone in one of those stupid plastic bins that we all leave stuff in and realizes it when the plane is already leaving. Kirk hears the phone ringing as she calls to find her I-phone and asks for him to return it. Kirk get lucky that he heard that phone because there is no way he could swing that without some kind of an "in". LOL! This story has lots of funny "my guy friends give me horrible crappy advise on what there uglier single asses would do" scenes that carry the movie. Considering Kirk just got out of a bad relationship with the bitch of the year that dumped him for his own brother....He is the luckiest guy on Earth! I enjoyed the movie and recommend it to anyone looking for some good laughs and a typical teen love scenario. Funny in a less graphic Superbad kinda way and worth the watch!

In the Romantic Comedy catagory I give it a 4 out of 5!!

PS- single guy will enjoy this off the guy humor and hot girl alone!! LMAO!

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