Wednesday, March 24, 2010


*SIGHS* So I watched this movie and I must admit that I am not a huge fan. I enjoyed Gerard Butler in the other comedies where he does a stretch in character and plays himself. (Wow, I'm so amazed!) In this movie he plays Milo Boyd an ex-cop now bounty hunter that's down on his luck and get the bounty of a lifetime to bring in his ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston) for not showing up to a summons to court for a driving violation. So the movie starts great with random funny scenes with the two arguing and not getting along and handcuffing her to random objects to make his $5,000 payout for bringing her in. Now this movie was cute and what not but toward the middle it became predictable and just another excuse for Jennifer to be running around in a short skirt showing off her nice legs (Kill yourself Brad Pitt! The only rule in Dumb Club is that we dont talk about how dumb I look with my women selection right now!) and for Gerard to be his normal Irish self (THIS....IS.....BORING!!!!!).
After the attraction to them fighting wears of the movie becomes predictable and lagging and leads up to a rather bland ending with an emptiness found inside! (I feel like Pinnochio after watching this!) Im just saying it was a great idea and didnt fill out in the getting an empty hollow doughnut when you were expecting some type of filling! Loved The Ugly Truth but in this movie the ugly truth is that is was a lame film.

1.5 or maybe just a 2 stars out of 5 just because the short skirt lasted throughout the movie!

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