Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DVD Review: Takers and Buried

Takers- 2010 (Rating- C)

This film is "B-Star" packed with (Alpha order of course) Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen (Awake), Matt Dillon (You know him, Michael Ealy (Barbershop), Idris Elba (The Wire), T.I., Jay Hernandez (Name a Spanish American movie), Zoe Saldana (Shes hot you should know her as well), Paul Walker (Fast and Furious). Anyway, the movie is about this group of high roller, Oceans 11 type crew. The have a great heist at the beginning and they are asked to join in on a new heist by Ghost (T.I.). Ghost, a former crew member that was caught by the police years ago has just been release and is out to get his cut from the previous heist and more money. The crew masterminds the heist but not without a few snags. I think the idea behind the plot was great, action and heist planning was great, even the individual characters were created. CONS- Ghost's character literally says in the film "Lets go Italian Job on dat ass!" and then the script literally steal the armored truck heist from the Italian Job movie. Since when is it allowed to steal another movies heist and creativity and a a slight change and that still gets a movie budget!?! The movie was doing good all bad acting from Christensen aside! Well the only bad acting he did was the scene where he attempted to go hit on some girls. Sorry Hayden you're actually pretty good!

I hated that this movie just stole from other movies and added a hip hop more street feel to the combination. I still enjoyed the movie. Im just huge on original ideas of which this movie was low on. Good moments yet predictable...the Attica brothers scene at the end couldnt have been more cheesy as well! However, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, and Matt Dillon carried this movie. Some of Walkers best work and T.I. stepped it up as well. *whew* Ok thats all! LOL!

Buried; 2010 - (Rating- A)

This intense drama filled movie, directed by Rodrigo Cortes and written by Chris Sparling stars Ryan Reynolds (Green Latern, The Proposal, ah hell he's Van Wilder people!) is about U.S. truck driver Paul. Paul has been contracted to drive in Iraq. The movie begins with Paul buried alive inside a big coffin with nothing on him but a Zippo light and cell phone in Arabic text. He must hurry to get help before he runs out of air or it'll be his final resting place. I really meant it when I say the movie is intense. if your thinking "how intense can the inside of a box be for an hour and a half?" You must believe that this script was different! The movie at 1st placed me in the same mindframe as I knew I would be in. The "Okay he's in a What?" state of mind. but as the plot gets better and the lack of help he gets from anyone back in the US really makes you think about how we as people treat other. It really makes the US look bad on how we backup our civilians in the US or abroad. Downright shitty actually! Anyways I thought the way this thriller all came together and was written was great and I was wonderfully suprised! Great pic Ryan! You can actually do some great acting!

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