Monday, May 17, 2010


This all-star love story movie was a good date style movie! If you are looking for a movie with mainly black characters or not it was good to see a movie without the direction of Tyler Perry that get all issues resolved that ends in praise in the typical "Perry Praise Church" ending! LOL! This movie is about New Jersey Net fan Leslie Wright (Latifah) meeting the Nets number one player Scott McKnight (Common) at a chance run in at a gas station. As the love story begins and ends at the beginning rather quickly with the meeting of Scott and Leslie's beautiful cousin Morgan (Paula Patton) aka Goldigger number 1!!! Scott is too blinded by the hottest to see the shallow woman for the true colors! You know the story! Nawww man shes different, shes not in it for the money, JUST ME!!! Anyways...he gets injured and Leslie is just the "Wright" person to help him back to health for the playoffs. The trophy wife bails because what is a Goldigger without gold to get? So then the real (predictable) love story begins. It was cute and even though I bashed it for being corny and predictable I thought it was good. Well worth a Sunday night for movies!

I give this a "If your a girl you'll love it and if your a guy you better have a woman near bye or there are no excuses for getting ripped on by your friends!"

Predictable yet cute and funny!

Romantic Comedy Rating- I give it a "Early Afternoon Date" rating!!!

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  1. I loved that movie myself. It was great:=)