Thursday, March 11, 2010

BROOKLYNS FINEST!:So much drama and bad news Ive decided to develop a new hobby. MOVIE REVIEWS!!!!

So after doing so well with Academy Award picks and talking to my sister IndyPindy about movies all the time we decided to start an amature movie critique. So the most recent movie I watched was Brooklyns Finest. This movie about twisted cops and their stories of struggle was Directed by the man who brought us Training Day. Antoine Fuqua has put together this film with a good cast including: Don Cheadle, Richard Gere, Wesley Snipes, Fuquas favorite actor of the white persuasion Ethan Hawke and several others that covered their parts well. As a big fan of the HBO series The Wire it was nice to see a few actors from the show! (Michael K. Williams aka Omar, Hassan Johnson aka Wee-Bey, and Wendell Pierce aka Bunk) This movie is a love it or hate it kinda movie in my opinion. Like an M. Night movie! LOL! At the end you are either gonna be satisfied with the twists and turns or left with a felling of "thats not what I wanted". Now by all means this is nowhere near as great as Training Day same dirty cops background. As if they followed the back stories of Denzels team from the training day movie almost! I thought the dialogue was good and the build up was great. However, I do think we couldve used more of Wesleys character "Caz" I felt that the story is half based on Don Cheadles character "Tango" and his connection to Caz. The only part of the movie I felt was too much was the story of "Eddie" played by Richard Gere (who looks like Nickelodens Doug grown up). His story about an officer about to retire and being in love with a hooker was a waste of time and film. No diss to Richard but that potion I couldve done without! In other news Ellen Barkin carried her small role well in playing the bitchy FBI Agent Smith who is out to screw main characters for personal gain. I dont want to give spoiler so I have to say that the movie overall was entertaining and decent story build but not on a Training Day level. If you are looking for dirt, a little bit of twists, and some basic entertainment without watching a 3 hour film and basically feeling empty inside. This is for you. I would also like to state that we never EVER need to put the two darkest brothas of all time on the same film.

IndyPindy's Review

Brooklyns finest couldnt wipe training days ass! I couldve done with out both Gere and Hawke's flat one note characters. It seemed like Hawke confused playing under pressure family man with well . . . just sweaty with a terrible accent. Gere was just Gere swimming around in the shallow pool that was his role. Zero depth! I think i wouldve preferred to see doug funny in this role. Maybe he wouldve been a little more genuine. I agree that the only story of substance was the Cheadle/Snipes relationship. I was Interested finally! I would like to have seen "Tango and Caz the beginnings". More background on their time in prison, more of how Cheadle became undercover, just MORE Cheadle and Snipes. I felt like i was waiting with my thumb up my ass everytime the movie steered away from the Cheadle/Snipes story. Maybe thats why i couldnt enjoy them, i was focused on the thumb. Ellen Barkin excellent as expected and the wire boys cameos were generally scene stealing. As for the so called "twists" i was unimpressed but i had grown accustomed to that feeling while watching this film. Long story short you wanna see stories collide in a masterful and intelligent way watch anything by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (21 grams). You wanna see Antoine Fuqua do something worth your time watch Training Day. If you want to see dirty cops watch an epsisode of The Sheild. In fact watch all three in one night. It may take twice as long as watching Brooklyn's Finest but at least you'll be more than "just" satisfied.

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