Sunday, March 14, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: Cop Out feat. Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan

The movie that I'm reviewing today is COP OUT with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. This movie is a new turn for Bruce as he plays a cop that isn't doing that great and as a Black counterpart for comical relief. The movie opens with Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan) interrogating a suspect while Jim Monroe (Bruce Willis) watching on the other side of the two way mirror. In the opening is the funny scene where Hodges does a variety of impressions. This scene was featured on the commercial for the movie as well. The plot to the movie is about Monroe's (Willis) daughter Ava (Michelle Trachtenberg) who is getting married in the near future. The only issue is that she wants her dream wedding that is estimated at almost $50,000 and Monroe doesn't have the cash to cover it. Monroe's ex-wife and new douche-bag husband Roy (played by Jason Lee) are there as Ava shows Monroe the estimate and request that they pay for the wedding but Monroe says that he can handle it. You got on a ride as Monroe attempts to sell an expensive piece of memorabilia to cover his daughters when he is robbed by Dave (Seann William Scott). You got through the story as the two officers try to get back what is rightfully theirs with some funny twists and turns.

Now I must say that I'm not a huge fan of Tracy Morgan and the way he plays all of his roles with a slave-like talking like he trained Lavar Burton to play Kunta Kinte' for his role in Roots! However, in this movie the majority of the laughs do in fact come from him. They duo does have some funny moments with some added help of Seann William Scott while they play detective and track the card dealer from thieves to drug dealers. The movie also stars random others like Adam Brody and Kevin Pollack that play cops as well that give Monroe and Hodges a hard time like the Cubans gave Will and Martin in Bad Boys. The movie was entertaining for what I was expecting but was an extreme gut buster or have some lines where as soon as you leave you go home and make it a common line among friends. I don't thinks its a "I would pay a full $9 to see this" kinda movie but I would watch on rental or bootleg (which I did! LOL!)

I give it a 2.5 outta 5 stars!

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